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So why does Virginia turn to legal eagle Perry Mason? Because a cache of valuable diamonds - left in Sarah's care - has suddenly vanished into thin air. Virginia thinks Sarah swiped the stones, but gem dealer Austin Cullens begs to differ. In fact, he's prepared to forgive and forget - until he is mysteriously murdered and Sarah is caught running from the crime scene.

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    That's Pulp! | Perry Mason: novels #17 and #18

    Horace Homan. Mrs Lois Warfield. L C Spinney. Max Olger.

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    Jackson Sterne. Frank Corvis. Daphne Greeley. Adler Greeley. Gardner was an even more prolific writer than Rex Stout and that is saying a lot! Here, Mason is initially consulted by an owner of several floral shops about an attempted takeover. There is a lot about voting shares, board of directors meetings, etc. Part of that is because of the introduction of Lt.

    The Case of the Mythical Monkeys by Erle Stanley Gardner

    Tragg of L. Part of that is because of the cooperation between Mason and Tragg at the outset. Part is because of the small business focus of the plot. Part is because of how different the L. Author Gardner was an attorney and an expert in criminal law. His plots are always This includes the law, criminal procedure, policing, courtroom dynamics and characterization. The Case of the Silent Partner is one of his best, with the following cultural observations.

    Tragg becomes a wily and dogged adversary. Garner takes on this burden in many of the novels coming after this one. For those who enjoy the regulars, there is no Hamilton Burger and Mason talks but once over the phone to P. Paul Drake. This book is a fast read.