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Bible Master Artist Woodcuts 1 is a coloring book for adults. The various grey scale details of the woodcuts instantly make your results detailed and gorgeous. The masterpieces of art prints from over one-hundred and fifty years ago, can shine once again with a little help from you. This first in series adult coloring book contains forty Bible scenes.

The victorious Viking army has returned to Denmark from Frankia, after capturing Paris and extracting an enormous ransom from the Franks in exchange for leaving their kingdom in peace. In The Long Hunt, book four of the Saga, Halfdan sees his quest for vengeance turn into a long and grueling pursuit, as Toke flees eastward through Danish waters and across the Baltic Sea. But though he is now outnumbered and on the run, Toke proves to be a cunning and ruth foe, and his pursuers will soon find themselves to be the ones in danger.

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She was involved in the New York art scene, painted and made drawings for various publications, worked in graphic design and in Off-Broadway theatrical productions, also worked on civil rights committees-she could do a lot of things. Meeting her was like stepping into the tales of 1, Arabian nights. She had a smile that could light up a street full of people and was extremely lively, had a particular type of voluptuousness-a Rodin sculpture come to life. She reminded me of a libertine heroine. I felt like I was in love for the first time in my life, could feel her vibe thirty miles away-wanted her body next to mine.

Right now. Movies had always been a magical experience and the Times Square movie theaters, the ones like oriental temples were the best places to see them. I needed to shift my mind, get it off of Suze for a while. When the second feature, Atlantis, Lost Continent played, it was just as bad. All the death-ray crystals, giant fish submarines, earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves and whatnot. It might have been the most exciting movie of all time, who knows? As fate would have it, I ran into Carla again and asked about her sister. Eventually we got to be pretty inseparable.

Outside of my music, being with her seemed to be the main point in life. Maybe we were spiritual soul-mates. Mary lived on the top floor of an apartment building on Sheridan Square and treated me like I had the clap. If she would have had her way, the cops would have locked me up. Always make you feel like you did something wrong. She thought I had a nameless way of life and would never be able to support anybody, but I think it went much deeper than that.

I think I just came in at a bad time. She glared at me, cigarette in her mouth. She was always trying to goad me into some kind of argument. She did mean it, though. She did everything in her power to keep us apart, but we went on seeing each other anyway. This stifling scene was becoming problematic, signaling to me that I needed to get my own place, one with my own bed, stove and tables.

It was about time. I guess it could have happened earlier, but I liked staying with others. It was less of a hassle, easier, with little responsibility-places where I could freely come and go, sometimes even with a key, rooms with plenty of hardback books on shelves and stacks of phonograph records. Not having a place of my own now was beginning to affect my supersensitive nature, so after being in town close to a year, I rented a third floor walk-up apartment at West 4th Street at sixty dollars a month. The apartment had a tiny bedroom, more like a large closet, and a kitchenette, a living room with a fireplace and two windows that looked out over fire escapes and small courtyards.

There was barely room enough for one person and the heat went off after dark and the place had to be heated by keeping both gas burners up full blast. It came empty. Quickly after moving in I built some furniture for the place. With some borrowed tools, I made a couple of tables, one which doubled as a desk.

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I also put together a cabinet and a bed frame. I put it all together with hacksaws, cold chisels and screwdrivers-even made a couple of mirrors using an old technique I learned in a high school shop woodworking class using plates of glass, mercury and tin foil. Besides playing music, I liked doing those kinds of things. I purchased a used TV, stuck it on top of one of the cabinets, bought a mattress and got a rug that I spread across the hardwood floor.

SOG Chronicles: Volume One

The small room seemed immaculate to me and I felt that for the first time I had a place of my own. Suze and I were spending more and more time together, and I began to broaden my horizons, see a lot of what her world was like, especially the Off-Broadway scene. I saw a couple of plays, one where a soldier, a prostitute, a judge and a lawyer were all the same puppet.

The puppets, because of their size and the small, confining space, were odd, unsettling and confronting.

AEGIS CHRONICLES: VOL. 2: Tony Cross by S.S. Segran

A new world of art was opening up my mind. I loved the way everything he did crushed itself into some fragile world, the rickety clusters of parts all packed together and then, standing back, you could see the complex whole of it all. He was the artist I checked out most. All of his mediums-crayon, watercolor, gouache, sculpture or mixed media-collage tableaus-I liked the way he put the stuff together. It was bold, announced its presence in glaring details. It seemed to be on the same stage.


Red was the Uncle Dave Macon of the art world. He incorporated every living thing into something and made it scream-everything side by side created equal-old tennis shoes, vending machines, alligators that crawled through sewers, dueling pistols, the Staten Island Ferry and Trinity Church, 42nd Street, profiles of skyscrapers.

Brahman bulls, cowgirls, rodeo queens and Mickey Mouse heads, castle turrets and Mrs. Familiar figures from history, too-Lincoln, Hugo, Baudelaire, Rembrandt-all done with graphic finesse, burned out as powerful as possible. I loved the way Grooms used laughter as a diabolical weapon.

See a Problem?

Subconsciously, I was wondering if it was possible to write songs like that. About that time I began to make some of my own drawings. I actually picked up the habit from Suze, who drew a lot. What would I draw? Well, I guess I would start with whatever was at hand.

I sat at the table, took out a pencil and paper and drew the typewriter, a crucifix, a rose, pencils and knives and pins, empty cigarette boxes. An hour or two could go by and it would seem like only a minute. Not that I thought that I was any great drawer, but I did feel like I was putting an orderliness to the chaos around-something like Red did, but he did it on a much grander level. In a strange way I noticed that it purified the experience of my eye and I would make drawings of my own for years to come.

Not quite yet, though. You have to take the lead from somewhere, and there were only a few performers around who wrote songs and of them, my favorite was Len Chandler. As far as I was concerned, Woody Guthrie had written the greatest songs and there was no way to top that. The song I wrote was inspired by the fallout shelter craze that had blossomed out of the Cold War. Commies were symbolic of travelers from outer space. Mine owners were more to be feared, more of an enemy, anyway. Salesmen peddling fallout shelters had been turned away. Houses had thick-walled basements, anyway.

It could turn neighbor against neighbor and friend against friend. Now, quit the scam.

Tribe Chronicles vol. 1

Bomb shelters divided families and could create mutiny. But salesmen hawking the bomb shelters were met with expressionless faces. Besides that, the general opinion was, in case of nuclear attack all you really needed was a surplus Geiger counter. Geiger counters were easy to get. In fact, I even had one in my New York apartment, so writing the song about the futility of fallout shelters was not that radical. The song was personal and social at the same time, though. That was different. I just slipped it in somewhere, said it was a Weavers song.

My perspective on all that was about to change. The air would soon shoot up in intensity and become more potent. My little shack in the universe was about to expand into some glorious cathedral, at least in songwriting terms. Suze had been working behind the scenes in a musical production at the Theatre de Lys on Christopher Street. It was a presentation of songs written by Bertolt Brecht, the antifascist Marxist German poet-playwright whose works were banned in Germany, and Kurt Weill, whose melodies were like a combination of both opera and jazz.