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Slice tools are more ergonomic and last, on average, Our proprietary manufacturing process creates blades that are safe to the touch but still move through materials smoothly and with less effort. Many factors contribute to cutting tool safety. Blade and handle design, ergonomics, and tool construction, to name a few.

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This article takes a closer look at the utility knife, its components, and the false safety assumptions we take for granted. What more is there to know about utility knife safety, you ask? When the color of myHonda is changed to purple, both arrays reflect the change.

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You just bind the method to the object. The arguments inside a function is an example of an 'array-like object'. Binding can be done with the. Anyway, it can be simplified using bind.


Although host objects such as DOM objects are not required by spec to follow the Mozilla behavior when converted by Array. As long as other modern browsers continue to support this ability, as currently do IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, developers reading DOM-supporting slice code relying on this shim will not be misled by the semantics; they can safely rely on the semantics to provide the now apparently de facto standard behavior.

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The compatibility table in this page is generated from structured data. Last modified: Jul 20, , by MDN contributors.

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Related Topics. If start is negative, the sequence will start that far from the end of the variable.

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If length is given and is positive, then the sequence will have up to that many elements in it. If the variable is shorter than the length, then only the available variable elements will be present.

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If length is given and is negative then the sequence will stop that many elements from the end of the variable. If it is omitted, then the sequence will have everything from offset up until the end of the variable. It also works with objects implementing the Traversable interface.