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I have disinfectant in my cupboard that smells more pleasing than that. I do the leaving, Ryder, and I also do the choosing. However, I never shit where I eat.

That helps me avoid situations like what happened at the restaurant tonight. I don't do the catty bitch routine, and as you noticed I don't fight over men. So, I suggest in the future you take my advice and find your pussy in the next town over, otherwise poor Ginger might get the wrong idea when you run into your neighbors. Do I continue on my path towards retribution for my family?

Or do I focus on the first man to crack my steel encased soul? Seriously, get these books! He climbs the steps and comes to sit on the lounge, not up beside me this time. He sits at the foot of it. I appreciate the small moment of silence to memorize his profile again. I need your help, you know I do. The other option is for you to distance yourself from my personal life, and me from yours. Meaning our relationship would be that of neighbors who occasionally fuck each other.

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His head whips around fast to face mine. Keeping myself alive is more important than sharing a bed with someone right now, Ryder. His frustrated black eyes stare back at me while he shakes his head, his posture tight. Why do you get to give me ultimatums? I soften a little, and settle my greens on his blacks. I remind myself he too has left me stressed, and that whatever way we move forward will be for the better.

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At least right now. I hope to prove you wrong, Elle. He takes a deep breath and runs his hands through his hair before continuing. You know I will beautiful. An explosive finale to this edge of your seat romance! I'm kneeling on the floor at the hands of a monster. What was the question? We eagerly await your next book! My husband and I read these books nightly with our 10 year old son.

We all loved them so much that we have now passed them on to several other family members and friends. There is also an Ella and Lilia that have been adopted through our dog rescue. We are not so patiently waiting for your next book!!! H, I was wondering if you could give a teaser for the Heroes guide book four. That would be super cool. If fans have already thought of Briar and the beast getting together are you less inclined to do that in the Heroes Guide book four?

I am a Random 13 year old girl, and your books were the first books I actually loved! My Favorite character is Repunzel. I like how she wants to help everyone. Dear Random 13 Year Old, please accept this very specific thanks from me. Signed, Non-Random Author. Every page is fortified with 9 essential vitamins and minerals! Hero bunnies! And you gave them better names than Duncan would have. I LOVE your books!! My favorite character has to be Prince Gustav and Cinderella.

Under a day! Did you eat?

I love how big of a fan you are, but please remember to take care of yourself. In the works is a series called Perilous Journey. Hi Christopher, my kids and I finished the first book for the second time around and we could literally just start it over right away because we love it so much! This comment is to 1.

Ask when the fourth book is coming out please be next month and 2. Attempt to add to the overwhelming comments above that convinces you to write the fourth book! But on the bright side, that give you plenty of time to perfect your impressions! Wondering whether you had imagined them with regional British accents or whether they just lent themselves to that interpretation?

We are still eagerly awaiting the fourth instalment, but are very excited about reading the Perilous Journey together — despite the kids now being 12 and 10! But then they all changed in my head and became their own unique accents. Your email address will not be published. Watch Stuff! Learn About Me! Invite Me! Send Me Stuff! Fan Art Gallery.

What if the beast kidnapps a maiden who is actually going to be princess Bell in the future. That could work. My kids and I are desperate to see Ruffian find his daughter!!! Write the fourth book please!! My kids and I are re-reading all three books again and anxiously awaiting book 4. We are ready!! Can I add to the overwhelment so that a book comes out sooner?? I love your books very much. So excited to see what happens next…. Thank you so much!

I am relieved that I have proven myself buzz-worthy. Thank you, Tiyana! Please stay tuned. Shadowkeep comes with a season, so while the seasonal content itself will transfer like the premium battle pass Shadowkeep itself has to be bought twice for two platforms for access to Shadowkeep-specific content.

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Your "main Guardians" up there. Purchase a season anywhere, it will transfer. In short, it does not matter where you buy seasons so long as your account has cross save active.

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