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Even though you know you're not supposed to tell anyone about this, holding onto such a big secret can be excruciating. Why is it that some people can't deal when they know a secret?

This Is How To Make Your Kids Amazing: 4 Secrets From Research

A paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that the way we think about secrets in general is much more nuanced than just trying to withhold some piece of information from another person. Once you have a secret, and intend to keep it, then you tend to think about it all the time, says Michael Slepian , PhD, the study author and assistant professor in the management division of Columbia Business School.

Slepian says. So you might be stressing about a secret in all the moments when you're not face-to-face with the friend you're supposed to be keeping it from. The survey tracked how often participants got sick and how healthy they considered themselves to be, and found that the more often people thought about secrets they were keeping, the worse they reported their health and wellbeing. So, it's not that some people are "better" than others at keeping secrets, but rather they're better at handling the sometimes intrusive and negative thoughts about having to keep something secret.

If you're someone who tends to ruminate about everything, that might make it harder for you to keep something to yourself. Regardless of personality type, though, secrets are no fun. The combination of feeling like a phony and thinking about your secret will then further hurt your wellbeing, he says. The content of your secret will also influence how it feels for you to keep it.

Then a small portion of secrets are positive, like knowing about a friend's engagement or having an ambitious personal goal.

Why the Secrets You Keep Are Hurting You

The more people think about secrets in general, the more inauthentic they feel, which is what impacts wellbeing. If having a secret will ultimately result in something positive like a party or an engagement , then there might be some positive benefits. This can turn out to be an awkward topic, as you might not be aware of the financial situation the other person is in.

In addition, people are likely to unconsciously compare your salary to their own. This could either result in envy or compassion from their side. Stay authentic.

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Every family has problems. Most families consist of so many different people, all with different personalities. It only makes sense that fights or arguments come up every now and then. However, what happens in the family, might be best kept within the family too. These are personal matters and I am sure your family would appreciate it if these matters are not shared with all your friends.

And if someone does trust you and shares their family issues? Make sure to keep it to yourself. Surely, you would expect the same in return if you find yourself in their shoes someday. Imagine you decide to pursue your biggest dream, to finally act upon your biggest goal or maybe you have a new idea for a new project or business venture.

Take It To The Grave: 21 People Shared Their Most Guarded Secrets | Blossom

You are stoked and full of inspiration. Your friends admire you and are proud you are chasing your dreams.

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They give you some words of encouragement and off you go. Nope, think twice! Because that good feeling your friends gave you will make you less likely pursue those goals! This has been scientifically proven! Most goals require hard work.

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