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Sending an email using this page does not guarantee that the recipient will receive, read or respond to your email. If this is an emergency do not use this form. Call or your nearest hospital. Back Psychology Today. Back Location. Verified by Psychology Today. View Email. Katia A Araujo PsyD. Problemas em relacionamento interpessoais? Talvez seja hora de procurar ajuda profissional. Eu estou aqui pra voce, e com voce encontraremos essa nova estrada de vida.

Sou treinada em terapia cognitiva comportamental CBT , uma estrategia terapeutica focada em re-estruturar seus pensamentos e feelings usando technicas comportamentais e alternativas realistas para melhor lidar com seus problemas de vida, que na maioria das vezes, se nao sempre, podem ser resolvidos. Juntos abriremos novas avenidas e melhores escolhas.

Eu decidi usar um life coach e conselheiro. Office is near:. Adina Gociu Psychologist , PhD. Adina Gociu, a licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents, families, couples, and adults who suffer from a variety of mental issues, including trauma and abuse, grief, depression, anxiety, behavior disorders, self-esteem, adjustment and relationship difficulties, divorce, and parenting issues.

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I use evidence-based approaches to effectively help clients achieve meaningful changes in their lives. I also conduct psychological evaluations to measure cognitive abilities, learning disabilities, ADHD, and personality for children and adults. I provide services in English, Spanish, and Romanian. My commitment is to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client individual needs to support and lead them to a happier and healthier life. My clinical experience include working with children, adolescents, and adults dealing with different types of trauma, depression, and behavioral issues.

I employ a broad range of techniques and strategies when working with adults and children as well as couples and families. My approach integrates the blending of cutting edge science based methodologies along with contemplative mindfulness based modalities, as well as energy healing and bio-energetics. I also utilize alpha wave technology in the treatment of insomnia, depression, anxiety and substance dependence disorders. I have a very cute ESA pooch named Oliver who will greet you at my office! We strive to create both a trusting relationship and a comfortable environment with all clients so that healing can begin.

Our therapists guide adults, adolescents and children in resolving personal, social and psychological difficulties. Our mission is simple- We believe in the innate greatness of all people; that everyone has a divine purpose buried within them. Our goal is to empower and motivate each person we met so that they may awaken their inner potential. Our bodies produce symptoms in an effort to alert us that we are out of balance. Sadly, we often ignore these red flags or, we attempt to medicate the symptoms without working to understand the root cause of the physiological manifestation.

In every individual there exists a desire to live a life unburdened by excessive guilt and shame coupled with the freedom to enjoy a fuller and less restrictive emotional experience. It is here, that I meet you. In my work, I seek to embody the core values of warmth and respect.


I am originally from Brazil, and I speak Portuguese and English. I work with young children to adults with anxiety, ADHD, neuro-developmental disorders, depression, behavioral disorders, selective mutism, family difficulties, psychological evaluations, and consultation to schools, doctors, and places of work. I incorporate parents, teachers, and others in the treatment team, and often therapy happens at school, at home, or other settings where the difficulties happen. People who are tired, depressed or anxious, who have parenting questions or relationship struggles.

My job is to help you define how you want your life to be different and identify the steps that will help you reach your goals, relieve your symptoms, and find solutions. I strongly believe in the power of connection and communication, and know how important it is to have a therapist who can understand and connect with you, to be able to help.

You almost don't recognize the person whom you share your life with.

The taste of Portugal here in America

You are overwhelmed with problems and you are unable to fix this on your own and the possibility of ending your relationship has become quite real. The situation was so different when you decided to move in together and now you spend so much time arguing. There's some distance growing between both of you and you are concerned that this might be impacting other members of your family, including your children.

You even started to see some impact on your performance at your job.

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We are here for you! Michele Lanese Inc. When one is doing these things, one is happy and fulfilled. She is a doctoral candidate in education with emphasis in pedagogic mediation in the Universidad de La Salle, Costa Rica. Founder of Turrialba Literaria in Costa Rica.

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Lola Lola atraviesa Tiergarten como un cometa de piernas esbeltas. Cruza el estudio de la Universum Film con zapatos blancos, boina y cigarro. Deja caer las cenizas sin disimular infidelidades. Marlene las junta y se empolva el rostro. Entretelones es bien sabido que se acuesta con todos, menos con Adolph. Se fuma a los que dicen que ella es la culpable de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Lola Lola crosses Tiergarten like a comet of slender legs. She crosses the Universum Film studio with white shoes, beret and cigar.

She lets the ashes drop without concealing infidelities. Marlene gathers them and powders her face. Behind the curtains it is well known that she sleeps with everybody, except with Adolph.

Why the Portuguese Restoration of Matters to the History of American Slavery

She holds an M. She is an award winning educator, writing instructor, poet, and translator. How to write one? She writes short stories, poetry and essays, and her work has been published in several anthologies and journals. Proa al viento, lo patinas.

Imbatible tripulante del olvido y sus fracasos. Molusco sometido, confecciono la perla que saliva mi dolor y ambiciono sin rodeo el merecido colapso de tu flota. Standing on the crest of the wave You receive triumphal congratulations. Bow to the wind, you skate along it. Placid, imperious, Returning from a thousand conquests. Deep down below, tasting the harsh inclemency of the sand, There is me, unbeatable creature of oblivion and its fiascos.

A subjected mollusk, creating a pearl with the saliva of my pain, and truly wishing you the defeat you so deserve. Through the eye of an anchor, I will calmly observe your inevitable wobbling, and the admirable fragility of the powerful surface that elevates you. I will pick up the pieces with pure pleasure after your downfall. And I shall cast my pearl before the swine that deal with your remains. Sasha Reiter was born in New York City in He grew up in the Bronx, where as the son of an Argentinian father and a Peruvian mother, he experienced firsthand the metaphorical otherness of being both Latino and Jewish.

He attended Public School and received his B. He spent a semester in London studying English history and culture. This is his first book and he is currently working on his second collection of poetry. He intends to pursue a Masters in English with a specialization in Creative Writing. Sometimes I see you Teetering over the expired garden. I watch you drive away the weeds, As though they were vectors through which [to forget you. Gloom rotted plums and carrots Flood with color as your fingers Slide through corroded leaves, Personifying them with amity. I call to you and you turn.

Your face is absent but ridden with guilt. The leaves turn grey, The frail vegetation embossed with animosity. Deidamia Galan Santo Domingo, Poet, journalist and publicist.

The taste of Portugal here in America

She also has studies in broadcasting, radio production, and cultural journalism. Some of her poems have been included in international and local anthologies, and translated to Catalan and Creole. Volver a tus manos, por eso, es casi siempre un alivio que me permito a modo de protesta cuando me escapo del mundo sin ganas de salvarme.

He has published four novels, twelve books of poetry, two books of short stories and three plays. Conservamos el fuego apagado, hemos rechazado preservar el imperio, sus cuerpos y sus ahogos. El imperio se sosiega en el paso de pocos segundos. I walked alongside the wall, stone after stone… I touched the stones with my hands…… in the silence, the wall seemed alive, over the palm of my hands flamed the joint of the stones I had touched.

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  5. Trepaners of craniums in space. Of men who made peace and gave back the kingdoms and lived praying and imploring, their feet closed, their brains closed, of men who did not keep their lips shut, their silence struck us as encouraging. Oblivion recovers its hollows of pleasure, we lack the will to dream and we remain silent in the private space.