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Practice allows you to familiarise yourself with the challenge that lies ahead e. This allows you to reduce the fear associated with stepping into the unknown. As you practice, you realise that you are capable of dealing with the challenge and your self-confidence grows. If you are really concerned about something going wrong, you can prepare for that too.

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Identify your worst fear e. Then you can identify a solution e. You can then practice your presentation going wrong whereby you forget your words and, you can implement your solution. This will give you the self-confidence to believe that you can cope with whatever goes wrong. It is something you can do each day.

By being prepared for each day, the day goes better, and the incremental results add up to big improvements over time. This allows you to reduce the fear associated with stepping into the unknown; thus boosting your confidence. You then set goals which will help you to consistently work towards these objectives. As you achieve your goals , you can see the progress that you are making towards fulfilling your purpose. You are able to focus better and each day has meaning. With the accomplishment of each goal your self-confidence receives a little boost, as you see that you can achieve whatever you want from life.

Even a small step in the right direction is something which should be celebrated. When you set goals effectively you realise that every day is about stepping in the right direction. When you realise this, set out to do this and, follow through on this; your self-confidence will grow daily. You don't need perfect self-confidence. You just need to have enough self-confidence to take on your next goal and believe you can achieve it. Achieving your goal will then take your self-confidence to a new level.

Love is the most powerful emotion. Sadly we only tend to think of love in terms of that nonsense that you see in Hollywood movies. Love comes in many forms and when you make room for love in your life, you will be happier and more confident.

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One of the most important things that you can do is to make room for the things that you love in your life. Sadly, when you struggle for time, one of the first things that you cut tends to be your favourite hobbies. However, the hobbies that you love fill you with positivity which helps to boost your happiness and health. It also makes you feel more in control of your life, which adds to your self-confidence.

Taking the time to discover what you love and what makes you feel happy and blessed, is a great way to identify where you should be spending more time in your life. Caring for yourself will always boost your self-confidence. But you can always find something s about it to love e.

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By finding positives in these situations which you normally view in a negative light, you prevent them from damaging your happiness and self-confidence. Self-confidence naturally improves when you make more time to focus on the things you love by eliminating those things which add no joy or value to your life. Check out The Power of Choice for some good strategies to help improve your mindset. No matter what kind of work you do, you can strive to do your best at it. When you know that you have given your very best to the task, you know that you could not have given anymore.

This allows you to feel relaxed and more confident about your performance. When you always give your best, you also build a reputation with friends, family, colleagues and customers which enables you to receive positive, self-confidence building feedback. Many people think they need to have confidence before they can commit themselves fully to everything they do.

That is putting the cart before the horse.

You need to give your best effort each time and learn from your outcomes. You will then see that your best continues to get better each time. This continuous improvement ensures that your self-confidence is regularly reinforced. When you fail to give your best, you short change yourself.

You are deeming yourself to be unworthy of your full effort and so; your self-confidence drops. You are a worthy person and you deserve full effort and commitment towards your goals and objectives. No matter what you do in life, there will always be people who disapprove of you. When you value the approval of others too highly, you end up sacrificing your own goals, dreams and aspirations which is a form of self-rejection.

This form of self-rejection has disastrous consequences for your self-confidence. Prove to yourself instead of to others that you are competent and confident and others will see it anyway. Approval seeking is a disease. It leads to you sacrificing your own needs, wants and desires to win the approval of others. Nobody who is worthy of a place in your life would ever require you to sacrifice your own life to please them.

People who do require this, will strip you of your self-confidence and, they need to be shown the door. It is not a magic trick.

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While some people make it look easy and natural, their high self-confidence is a result of learned behaviours. You too can learn these behaviours and experience the many benefits of high self-confidence.

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Duke and Dr. Fivush asked those questions of four dozen families in the summer of , and taped several of their dinner table conversations. And then something unexpected happened. Two months later was Sept. As citizens, Dr. Fivush were horrified like everyone else, but as psychologists, they knew they had been given a rare opportunity: though the families they studied had not been directly affected by the events, all the children had experienced the same national trauma at the same time.

The researchers went back and reassessed the children. Why does knowing where your grandmother went to school help a child overcome something as minor as a skinned knee or as major as a terrorist attack? Duke said. Psychologists have found that every family has a unifying narrative, he explained, and those narratives take one of three shapes.

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Our family worked. We opened a store. Your grandfather went to high school. Your father went to college. And now you. Then we lost everything. We built a family business. Your grandfather was a pillar of the community. Your mother was on the board of the hospital. But we also had setbacks. You had an uncle who was once arrested. We had a house burn down.