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A branded search term is simply bidding on a search with your brand name in it.

Create a simple campaign that runs with cheap bids on your branded terms. Most clicks will go to your organic results anyways, costing you nothing. But doing so ensures that almost all paid clicks will still go to your website and not a competitor. You search for them using the keyword planner, and you create new campaigns based on them.

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Plus, you even bid on them. Keywords are just that: keywords. On Ads, depending on which match types you use, you are paying for dozens of different related search terms. The best way to utilize this report is to sort the results by top converting search terms and use them as new campaign ideas. Find search terms that have high conversion rates, high CTRs, and cheap costs. These are dangerous to your success because you are still paying for the clicks even if they will never convert.

Be sure to include your keyword in the headline and URL, as this will help signify to the searcher that they are finding exactly what they are looking for. Ad extensions are tools that literally extend the length and depth of your ads by including various features like phone numbers, addresses, and more.

Google currently has multiple extension types to choose from depending on your business type and campaign goals:. These are great for driving local foot traffic to your business.

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For instance, if your products are carried in larger retail stores. Make use of these for your next campaign to make your ads more detailed and improve your click-through rates. When writing your Google Ads ads, you might be thinking: how can I showcase them only during business hours? If you are using phone numbers and addresses to drive local visits or phone calls, you only want to run ads during prime hours.

Here you can edit the day and specific hour that you want your ads to run. With mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic , now is the time to put more stock into mobile ads.

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When creating a new ad, you can create mobile-specific variants by restricting your targeting and selecting phone calls or app downloads from the campaign goal section:. Landing pages are the pages on your website that a given user will land on when they click on your ad. After searching on Google and finding your ad, a user will click on it and get directed back to your website. Specificity is key, and the landing page is a big portion of your quality score as we discussed earlier. And thankfully, I did:.

Keyword Research Fundamentals

If you are running a campaign for red tennis shoes, show a landing page for just red tennis shoes that you sell. Give them exactly what the keyword shows they want. Customize the metrics you want to see and use this report to find which landing pages are performing best and which need to be improved. AMP pages are designed specifically to help developers avoid coding issues.

They are simple and effective. You want speed in your landing pages and website because faster sites get more engagement. Speed is a factor which has a direct impact on conversions and brand loyalty.

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Most customers expect their websites to load within three seconds. This is a huge problem that companies want to get out in front of. According to Google, most mobile sites miss the three-second load mark by up to 19 seconds. The user clicks on the ad and waits…and waits…and then waits some more. When the page takes forever to load, it makes a poor first impression on behalf of your company.

Slow load times make you look bad and the functionality of your website is akin to in-store customer service. The global site tag will help you create remarketing lists. The event snippet tag is your new conversion action that you just created. For example, tracking e-commerce purchases. Take that event snippet and paste it on your thank you page so that, each time a user lands on that page after a purchase, Ads can record that and give it conversion credit. Beyond general conversion tracking, call tracking is a key next step.

Tons of campaigns on Ads are call-focused and can drive tons of calls to your business. For example, with mobile ads, you can use click-to-call or call-only ads that solely focus on bringing in more phone calls. In fact, the data you can analyze is extremely limited:. Area code? Who cares. Personally, CallRail gets the job done. With CallRail tracking, you get in-depth data on every single caller. For instance, you can see their exact web pages viewed, where they came from, and what ads and keywords drove the visit:. As calls come in, they reflect live in your dashboard, meaning you can instantly see if they came from a specific campaign, allowing you to tailor your phone call towards their specific interests.

Google Attribution is a new reporting project which helps businesses determine where their conversions are coming from. It shows the impact of your ad campaigns at no additional cost, making a difficult process far easier. Advanced machine learning can determine where your ad clicks came from, giving you an opportunity to track conversions more accurately.

This allows you to funnel more of your marketing budget into avenues that are paying off. Google also offers a mobile landing page report which provides suggestions on how to best optimize your landing page. Using this service you can ensure that your landing pages are fast enough while also reviewing site-wide usability.

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  4. Adding analytics to any area of a marketing plan gives an average 0. If you see through analytic reporting that display ads are paying out way more than your search campaign, it means that you will have to figure out what issues are plaguing your search ads. It also means that more money should be funneled into display advertising because it is clearly resonating with your target audience.

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    I loved the way you added relevant images to make it perfectly clear. No matter how well you know your niche, your business, and your competitors, you can make the keyword research faster and more effective by using a few tools. You can use the Keyword Planner in English or any other language and set certain filters based on location. For example, if you run a local business and you want to target customers from one specific city or district, the planner will include keywords containing that location.

    Because the success of your SEO campaign depends on it, you should take the time to analyze all keyword options and initiate a campaign that uses a combination of relevant keywords. Learn more about us here.

    Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Keyword Research

    Skip to content Skip to footer Keyword research is one of the first and most important parts of search engine optimization and digital marketing. How to find out if a keyword is valuable If you decide to work with SEO companies in Lebanon to improve your Google ranking, one of the first questions they will ask you is what keywords you would like to focus on. To select the best ones, you can follow this process: How relevant is that keyword for your website content?

    If a user types that keyword in Google and come across your web page, will they be satisfied with what the see? Also, once they land on your site by searching for that keyword, will that bring you revenue? Or do they want to know how to actually launch a website domain for the purposes of blogging? If your content strategy is only targeting people interested in the latter, you'll need to make sure of the keyword's intent before committing to it.

    To verify what a user's intent is in a keyword, it's a good idea to simply enter this keyword into a search engine yourself, and see what types of results come up. I'm going to lay out a keyword research process you can follow to help you come up with and narrow down a list of terms you should be targeting.