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For centuries, the crest has been a method of identifying families and connecting generations to their heritage. Knights clad in armor were protected in battle by a shield displaying a distinguishing blazon — a unique, identifying decoration. Our blazon, our visual proclamation, has long been the ripple effect that one small act of faith can have — one act of faith and obedience that God uses to produce an ever-increasing ripple of impact for generations to come.

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Not only is this the official green of the flag of Zambia, it is also the dynamic color of life, growth and vitality. Throughout the years, the most common theme we have seen across all of our programs in the power of God to transform the lives of everyone who comes in contact with his heart.

It is the orphan child in Zambia who had lost all hope of a future being restored by individuals and families who have come to be the hands and feet of Jesus. But it is more than that.

Working with the Next Generation

To view additional changes to the ministry, including new program names, visit our website. Gifts are tax-deductible. Call Us : Introducing the new Family Legacy… August 24, Our New Crest — a Blazoned Shield For centuries, the crest has been a method of identifying families and connecting generations to their heritage.

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What we believe as a firm has a very real effect on you and your financial future. Schedule with an Advisor.

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Schedule with Client Care. Guiding Your Legacy Transformation. What We Believe As a client-centric financial services firm, we believe strongly in the importance of establishing relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime.

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