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Stephen Miller: From white supremacist sites to the White House. Poll: Pete Buttigieg surges to first place in Iowa. Tapper to GOP lawmaker: How is this not witness intimidation?

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What would Mister Rogers make of today's political climate? Aide confirms Trump-Sondland call about Ukraine investigations. GOP congressman avoids this question after hearing. Impeachment hearing ends with fireworks and applause. Trump doubles down on tweets attacking witness. Trump associate Roger Stone found guilty on all counts.

President Trump and Nikki Haley's complicated relationship. Impeachment: Yovanovitch's opening statement in 3 minutes. Yovanovitch: Trump's attacks are 'very intimidating'. New data from a Quinnipiac University poll paints that unrest in stark relief.

The former Delaware senator unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in and and declined to run in after the death of his son from brain cancer. His long voting record, which includes backing the Iraq War in and sponsoring a controversial anti-crime bill in , has already drawn criticism from some of his more liberal opponents. He has sharply criticised Donald Trump for "trashing American values", but he's seen as a Democrat who could work with Republicans. Joe Biden is a front-runner in the Democratic presidential contest, if not the front-runner.

He has near universal name recognition, high approval ratings, and the potential to raise vast amounts of campaign money through traditional Democratic donor networks. Mrs Clinton's key weakness was her lengthy time in the public eye, leaving a long record for her opponents to pick apart, and binding her to a status quo establishment many Americans had come to distrust. Mr Biden shares those challenges in spades, and he faces a much more diverse and talented primary field than Mrs Clinton did.

There are also questions about whether the year-old candidate has the stamina to maintain a lengthy and arduous campaign schedule. Elizabeth Warren has been a favourite of the progressive left since she emerged on the political scene to push for tougher regulation of the financial sector after the economic crash. During her time in the US Senate she became known for her hard-nosed interrogations of Wall Street executives and as an outspoken critic of income inequality.

That loyal base may be enough to rise to the top of a fractured Democratic presidential field - but she will probably have to pry some supporters away from Bernie Sanders, who will be competing with her for progressive hearts and minds. She's got financial chops and is building a formidable political operation, but professorial Massachusetts liberals are a tough sell to the rest of the country.

Progressives will have to decide if they find her promise of economic reform more attractive than Bernie's revolutionary zeal. The Vermont senator would be 79 on election day, but he's decided to make another run at the top prize. His long-shot bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in captured the hearts of American progressives, and he has been packing arenas with loyal supporters ever since. But former allies Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard are both also running this time round and could carve off some of his support. In he pulled the Democratic Party to the left, but it means he's not as unique a candidate in He has the advantages of name recognition, fund-raising and national campaign organisation, but his opponents won't avoid attacking him the way Hillary Clinton did three years ago.

Take Back the Democratic Party from Corrupt Elite

Kamala Harris is the kind of Democrat who could stick around and prevail in what is sure to be a gruelling nomination battle. She is from California, which is rich in both primary delegates and fundraising dollars. As a woman, and from an ethnic minority, she is well positioned to capitalise on her party's growing diversity.

She has one of the most liberal voting records in the US Senate at a time when Democrats are leaning to the left, but she also has a background as a hard-nosed prosecutor. That background may end up a vulnerability as well, given that some progressives have criticised her for failing to support California criminal justice reform efforts and pointed to her prosecutorial record as being insufficiently sensitive to the rights of the accused. She will be tested in the coming months, but she looks and sounds like the kind of fresh-faced candidate that will appeal to a wide range of Democratic constituencies.

If she can post decent showings in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire, she'll be well-positioned to emerge from the pack when the primary voting moves south and west. Pete Buttigieg isn't the only millennial in the race but he is positioning himself as a voice for the young. The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is a military veteran and the only openly gay presidential hopeful. He's proven he can win locally in a conservative state and mounted a surprisingly strong bid for chair of the Democratic National Committee in A Buttigieg presidency seemed like a long shot at first, but he's fundraising like a top-tier candidate.

He'll have to diversify his support - including expanding his appeal to black voters - if he wants to win the nomination, however. Yang is a technology entrepreneur who should be well prepared seeing as he announced he was running for president back in November He graduated from Columbia Law School and spent more than a decade working on several start-up companies before being appointed Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship in by the Obama administration.

With his freedom dividend proposal, Andrew Yang is a "one big idea" candidate.

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  8. He'll go as far as his idea takes him. A successful campaign will be if he gets the other candidates to consider the merits of a universal income. Amy Klobuchar may not be a household name, but the three-term Minnesota senator has shown the ability to win votes in the kind of Midwestern battleground state that Donald Trump appealed to in Another former prosecutor, Ms Klobuchar won praise for her cool competence in the heated confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. She has long prided herself in being able to "disagree without being disagreeable", giving her a reputation for being "Minnesota nice".

    But the initial buzz around her campaign has been dampened a bit by allegations that she has been abusive toward her staff. She offers a steady, sensible political outlook that could attract the majority of Democratic voters who are more interested in electability than ideological purity. If Biden eventually falters, she will be in the thick of the fight for the support of moderate Democrats. Cory Booker is a prodigious fundraiser who knows how to work Wall Street donors.

    His background reflects the diversity of the modern Democratic Party and his time as mayor of blue-collar Newark gives him a grounding to the plight of the underprivileged. The New Jersey senator has an undisputed talent for public speaking, making him one of the more engaging candidates on the stump. Many on the left don't trust him, however. They view his big-money ties as a liability and haven't forgotten his defence of Republican Mitt Romney's venture-capital background during that year's presidential campaign. He has some of that Obama hope-and-change magic, but his silver tongue will get quite a workout.

    Tulsi Gabbard, born in American Samoa and of Polynesian descent, is a difficult candidate to characterise. Most of the Hawaii congresswoman's views fit firmly in the progressive camp and she was an early and outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

    Democrats’ Hostility to Corporate C.E.O.s Is the New Normal

    The Iraq War veteran has drawn criticism, however, for meeting with Bashar al-Assad in January - after the Syrian president had been accused of repeatedly using poison gas on civilian populations. The daughter of a socially conservative politician and activist, Ms Gabbard may also draw the ire of Democratic voters for her past criticism of "homosexual extremists" and opposition to abortion rights and gay marriage. If Democrats are looking for a young, charismatic iconoclast - even if it means supporting someone whose views don't always match their own - then Ms Gabbard might have a shot.

    Tom Steyer is a hedge-fund billionaire from California who has shifted from environmental advocacy to calls for Mr Trump's impeachment to a presidential run. His largess has made political allies across the US, and his grass-roots impeachment organising efforts helped build a million-strong contact list of like-minded voters.

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    American Foreign Policy: a Democratic View | Foreign Affairs

    Tom Steyer appeared to close the door on a presidential bid back in January, instead pledging to do whatever it takes to remove Donald Trump from office via the constitutionally outlined impeachment process. It's not exactly apparent what path someone like Steyer has to the Democratic nomination. But with a budget limited only by his imagination, if there is even the smallest path he has the resources to bulldoze it clear.

    At the very least, he could be a disrupter in the electoral process, free to challenge his opponents to take a more aggressive stand on impeaching the president and push them on environmental issues. It wasn't long ago that Julian Castro would have been considered a top-tier candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. He was a well-regarded mayor of San Antonio, landed the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention and went on to a Cabinet position in the Obama administration.

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    Castro has an uphill climb to get past better-known candidates who are still in elective office. He's shown sharp elbows in the debates, however, which has helped get him some much-needed attention. His resume is solid and his Hispanic heritage is helpful, but - while he has improved over the course of the campaign - his charismatically challenged speaking style is never going to light up a crowd. Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick entered the race in November, adding to the field just as many were hoping it was finally narrowing.

    In a video announcing his decision, he said he wanted to "build a better, more sustainable, more inclusive American Dream for the next generation. Mr Patrick, who is a close friend of former President Barack Obama, governed Massachusetts from to A trained lawyer, he served under President Bill Clinton as Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice's civil rights division in the mids.

    Democratic Party

    More recently, he was managing director at private equity firm Bain Capital. He has obvious political skills - and political connections to boot - but starting a campaign from zero just a few months before the New Hampshire primary is a tall order. He doesn't have the personal fortune of a Michael Bloomberg or the name recognition of an Oprah or Hillary Clinton, so he'll have to count on a strong performance in New Hampshire to make any headway. He's a decided longshot, and his entry into the race may say more about the instability of the current presidential field than his personal political prospects.

    John Delaney was officially the first entrant into the Democratic presidential field when the Maryland congressman announced his candidacy in July The former tech entrepreneur has a platform that focuses on jobs, education and infrastructure and a return to bipartisan co-operation. Mr Delaney's call for a return to bipartisan co-operation is going to be a tough sell in today's sharply divided political environment.

    The three-term Maryland congressman has logged the hours in Iowa, which hosts the first nominating contest. This is the most diverse and progressive pool of presidential candidates in American history. Investigation arrives after thousands of voters described voting issues during midterms. Democrat will have to register as a sex-offender and spend three years on supervised release. The former New York City mayor described Republicans as 'absolutely feckless''. Vermont Senator says business model of Democratic Party has been a failure for 15 years.

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