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This then contrasted with the deterioration of the relationship in the past and also allowed me to feel a little better about what happened in the past because I knew that no matter what they had gone through, they were together now and could start to move on from past hurts.

The breadth of emotion, the complexity of the characters and the sheer intensity of the book, all combine to make A Red-Tainted Silence a wonderful book which I would highly recommend. The book begins from the end, or at least this is what the reader believes: Brandon is at the bedside of Nicholas, who is just after a kidnapping that wounded him in body and spirit, but they decide together that it is worthwhile overcoming their misunderstandings in order to build a future together.

He felt in love with Nicholas at first sight, and from that moment on, as he says, he has been prepared for the pain to come when finally he loses Nicholas; since the beginning Brandon is convinced that their story cannot last, Nicholas is too beautiful, too much centre - of - the - stage, too much cool, too much Moreover Brandon, towards the end, remembers only of the ugly moments and omits the happy ones, even if there must have been some of course, since his love for Nicholas is still so strong.

Close to the end the book focuses on the present, on Nicholass fight to bring Brandon out of the dark abyss he felt deeply in. And it will be up to him, the same person who since the beginning Brandon believed would have put an end to their relation, fighting tooth and nail to keep the two of them together. This is a love story of Brandon and Nicholas. It starts in present day, when Brandon decides that he will write about his relationship with Nicholas -- as his lover recurperating in hospital after being kidnapped and tormented for 6 weeks.

Part one of the story is from Brandon's point of view, as he explains how and why he falls in love with Nicholas. When Brandon collapses, the story turns to Nicholas's point of view. Even prior to the kidnapping, Nicholas is trying to get Brandon back into his life. I am so in love with the characters, deeply attached to what Brandon and Nicholas have been through, in course of 10 years of their life. This book tells the story of Brandon Ashwood and Nicholas Kilmain and their ten year relationship.

As the story starts Nicholas is in a hospital recuperating from injuries sustained during his time as a kidnap victim.

I loved the flow of the story, the drama and the mystery and also the look into a long-term relationship from its beginning and through the years to the present time. Its a shame, I wanted to feel a connection for Nick and Brand but I never did. No light at the end of the tunnel only emotionally scarred for life.

Blaze Out - Red Silence [Official Videoclip]

Brandon loses himself completely in Nicholas, he is annihilated in his lover, who becomes the center and goal of his life. I think it's very significant that we hear about Brandon writing his music up until he meets Nicholas and then his music, which is his talent, becomes quite incidental in his life. When the narration switches to Nicholas, we finally see the sunnier side of the story, how Brandon is cherished by his lover. And thank you, dear Author, for breaking my heart all over again, because it becomes clear the time and strength Brandon wasted while thinking he was never good enough for Nicholas.

The book is long, angsty, twisted, warped, confusing, but I think the author made an incredible portrait of Brandon's personality and it deeply resonated with me. I knew who the bad guy was 15 pages in, so that big reveal at the end was not a surprise. Nick isn't abused once, but many times by many people, as is the other main character, Brandon. That did not work for me and was another unrealistic part of the book. I hope book two is better and has less drama, stalkers and rapes because hot rock stars in love is a favorite plot of mine. This best friend who loved him so much, allowed him to live in a homeless shelter???

Not very believable I think I kept reading because I was hoping to see the light at the end of the torture, the pages that didn't have Brandon or Nicholas in tears, crying, in depression etc. But for me there were just too many things that anoyed or failed to make sence or were just totally unbelievable in this book for me to enjoy it. Yvonne reveiwer made the point about Nick living in a shelter dispite everyone adorring him and I agree.

This is Marisa the baracuda that comands all of Nicks time. They were added to each week with so many plots appearing to keep it going, and thats exactly what this felt like.

Things seemed to be added just to keep it going. The story swings back and forth between flashbacks of their first years, and a current time in which they are both recovering from serious injuries due to a kidnapping and rescue. Bailey ONeil, aka, the Street Angel, has been the arch enemy of Senator Clay Wainwright since he was a district attorney and she a young, idealistic social worker. While Clay wants to put them in jail, Bailey is determined to help these troubled teenagers make good lives for themselves.

But when Bailey and Clay are thrown together on the mayors task force, the impossible happenstheyre attracted to each other. Both the Street Angel and the Senator must find a way to deal with their differences in order to make a life together.

A red tainted Silence

Lady Caroline Linford is horrified to discover Braden Granville may be a famous lover As their passionate tutelage begins, sparks fly and the lines between teacher and student fall away. It is Lord Oversley, father of Adam's first love, who tactfully introduces him to Mr Jonathan Chaleigh, a City man of apparently unlimited wealth with no social ambitions for himself, but with his eyes firmly fixed on a suitable match for his one and only daughter, the quiet and decidedly plain Jenny Chawleigh. Although Jenny Chawleigh was bright, well-mannered, and an heiress, she was no match for beautiful Julia Oversley, the love of handsome Adam Deveril's life.

As they struggle to break out in the music world, a threat hangs over Brandon that forces him to endure years of suffering. The action is very character dependent and alternates between the present, with Brandon and Nicholas back together and determined to make things works, and the past, flashbacks detailing how Brandon and Nicholas met and eventually broke apart painfully.

I thought the mixture of styles works incredibly well. Every highlight in their relationship is quickly followed by a shadow, threat, or misunderstanding. Without having the respite of seeing the two happy, together, and committed, the unrelenting pain of their past would have overwhelmed the story and made it depressing. He spends over a decade giving in emotionally, physically, and finically to a blackmailer due to his own naivety.

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When his real personality is slowly shown in bits and pieces so that his family and friends can finally see the man they all thought they knew, I wish there had been more resolution. Considering everything Brandon went through due to everyone choosing Nicholas over Brandon, it would have been nice if they apologized significantly more to Brandon. The real star of the story is the characterizations.

This is balanced however by the great female characters used well and the various relationships which are all complicated yet interesting. The length of the story lets you really sink into these personalities and their life. Nicholas and Brandon love each other so much that they frequently hurt each other deeply. Nicholas needs the adulation of crowds, the constant love and support of those around him, the energy and chaos of traveling, while Brandon simply needs Nicholas.

It makes for a fascinating push and pull that may be dramatic, but well worth the time invested in reading.

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  5. I easily recommend this as a must read. If you like men who cry--all the damn time and for no reason at all--then you'll love this one. Otherwise, it drags on far too long and the whodunit is formulaic at best. I wanted to drown these characters in all the tears they were shedding. This isn't the worst book out there, and apparently others have enjoyed it, but I'd rather read a New York City phone book than go through this again. View 1 comment. Oct 22, T. Webb rated it it was amazing. I don't know what I expected, based on the blurb and the reviews but My God, I never wanted this story to end.

    Brandon is a young high school drop out, looking to create music. He is in a band with his brother and some friends, and looking for their big break. And a dependable lead singer. Oh, and yeah, Brandon is in the closet, afraid his family will find out he likes boys, and scared as hell to do anything about it. Nicholas is a boy with a golden voice, certain to be a s I don't know what I expected, based on the blurb and the reviews but My God, I never wanted this story to end.

    Nicholas is a boy with a golden voice, certain to be a star with his charismatic stage appeal and beautiful voice. When Brandon sees him in a high school performance, he immediately falls in love. This wonderfully written story jumps back and forth for over ten years of ups and down and drama. This book SANG for me.

    I loved both boys, but Brandon, my God, I wanted to just take him away and cradle him and make it all better for him. Gray created a thing of beauty here - I was in awe as the story unfolded and this boy just Nicholas is a wonderful character, and the book would not be what it is without him, but Holy Christ, Brandon Get it. Read it. Treasure it.

    Long Way Home (Red-Tainted Silence, #2) by Carolyn Gray

    THIS is how it's done! It's been a while since I've been grabbed by the collar of my shirt and shaken to within an inch of my life by a book. The framing of the story, in written and later read flashbacks, between the past and present day saved me from being unable to continue reading many, many times. I cried so much I got a headache, could barely put it down to sleep.

    The main characters have become part of my family, the imaginary one I keep in my head. T THIS is how it's done! Their love is epic, to be forever remembered, to be relished and enjoyed over and over. They truly became one. The writing was superb, as was the editing. In fact, I haven't highlighted so many passages in any other book. It was lyrical. I experienced their pain, bewilderment, insecurities, love, certainly their lust, because the love scenes were among the best I've read in this genre.


    Authors use what they know to flesh out their fiction. For some reason, this story makes me feel like the writer was purging herself. Because no one can write about the painful experiences this book deals with, as extremely well depicted as they were, without having some kind of personal knowledge on the matter. There are no other books by her that I could find. Could it be the book served it's purpose and she had no more to write about? Maybe I'm wrong on this, I certainly hope so.